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Summus Sports Group is a full service sports marketing agency specialising in athlete management, digital sports marketing and US university and college recruitment. We are an athlete first agency built to support athletes From Placement to the Pros, wherever that may take them.

We believe in the power of sport to change lives. And work tirelessly to harness that power to bring athletes, fans and communities closer to sport by aligning the world’s greatest athletes and teams with its most purposeful and innovative brands, platforms and institutions. 


Katarina Johnson-Thompson


Sports marketing has evolved far beyond the lines of the pitch and we strive to support our clients in delivering strategic results that help them to elevate their digital footprints across their portfolio. From establishing a brand to supporting and elevating a team of individuals or activating around a major tournament, we have the expertise that ensures great content and guaranteed results.

Summus College


Home to some of the most exciting and diverse sporting talent within the global Olympic movement, and beyond, we were founded on the philosophy that sport is more important than just what happens in the stadium. We pride ourselves on supporting a team of athletes who not only strive for greatness on the field, court or pitch but beyond it in their communities.

Womens Rugby

We know first hand the opportunities that sport can unlock for the next generation across the world and Summus College is our way of delivering those opportunities to the masses. Our digital platform is designed to support student athletes looking to explore sport scholarships to universities and colleges across the USA. It demystifies the process and gives every aspiring student athlete a chance to chase their dreams.

Summus Sports
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