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Image by Scott Webb


Every brand journey, athlete story and consumer experience leaves a digital mark and our job is to make sure that’s the right mark on the right person. Sport is a powerful tool when used in the right way and the digital world has allowed us to help extend the influence and storytelling power of some of the most exciting and inspiring athletes, brands and teams.



We live in a digital world, social media is the new TV and we work tirelessly to unlock that opportunity for the athletes we represent. Building a successful 21st century brand is all about putting digital first and athletes are no exception to that rule. As part of our services, we provide a content creation team to unlock the power of social media for everyone represented by Summus Sports.


For teams and organisations to truly reach their online potential, they must understand and unlock the opportunity that their athletes represent. We provide bespoke, athlete first services that help clubs and federations harness the power of their entire team, every single athlete, by supporting each individual and celebrating their unique personality traits and sporting attributes.



We use our experience and network to help you understand and navigate the global sports ecosystem. Whether it be an athlete, consumer or media partner you are looking to engage with, we have the network and the expertise to bring you and your purpose closer to your consumer and community to ensure that every minute and every pound invested engages communities and consumers, whilst driving your purpose and business.

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