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Our mantra “New Heights Through Sport'' puts purpose at the core of our organisation. We are incredibly fortunate at Summus Sports Group to represent a highly talented and highly diverse group of athletes. We focus our energy and creativity on ensuring that diversity and equality is achieved and celebrated in both the industry and the sports that we operate within. These are some of our favourite projects and initiatives that we’ve launched and sustained since our inception.


In June of 2020 we published two reports exploring diversity within the Olympic and Paralympic movements in the United Kingdom. These were published in the format of full reports and summary presentations with specific recommendations made to external organisations which in turn allowed us to make commitments as an organisation to:
(1) Use our influence within sport to facilitate accelerator programs in the areas where they are needed most; and (2) continue to share information and put purpose, equality and diversity at the heart of every strategy and partnership that we create.

Olympic & Paralympic reports


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The KC Academy was founded by Kadeena Cox and Summus Sports in 2021. As an athlete Kadeena developed her athletic prowess in track & field before transitioning into cycling, where the comparable lack of diversity at the elite end of the sport was undeniable. The KC Academy has set about delivering solutions for this lack of diversity at an elite level by providing opportunities for current and future riders looking to enter and progress in the sport and by offering vital funding, mentoring and support to highly talented individuals.


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In conjunction with Katarina Johnson-Thompson and the LFC Foundation we set up the KJT Academy to support aspiring athletes from the North-West of England aged between 16 and 21 years old. The KJT Academy seeks to provide opportunities to state-schooled athletes from diverse ethnic communities, enabling them to access support that they have previously not had equal access to. In line with KJT's own experience, the KJT Academy provides guidance and experiences to athletes at a period in their development when they need it most. It provides support systems, personal mentoring from KJT and academy days hosted by Liverpool Football Club.

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